zondag 22 januari 2012

Love-issues ♥

Help! Love-issues... 
Your love-life isn't always like you want it to be, isn't it. 
You start to ask yourself those questions: 'Does he still loves me?, Does he use me?, Am i the problem?,...'
Maybe I have here some useful questions you can ask yourself when you have problems in love relationships. 
      • Focus on how you feel when YOU are loving. Does loving someone feel good regardless if it's returned? Is your loving someone conditional on them loving you back? If so, why?
      • Do you feel loved when your partner isn't around? If not, why not? Do you accept yourself, appreciate your qualities?
      • Are you doing things for them, expecting something in return? What are you expecting? And have you told them what that is?
      • Have you talked to your partner about what things cause you to feel loved? (Don't get caught up in "if they loved me, they'd know", cause they don't.)


 XOXO I have issues too ♥

woensdag 14 december 2011

Dress up for school-issues

Do you also need to wear an uniform at school? Well, I have the perfect tips to pimp up your uniform! An uniform can be soooo boring. Long skirts, old-fashioned sweaters,... Don't want to be like the others anymore? Be the fashionista and trendsetter of your school!

Tip 1:
Those long skirts are definitly not fashionable. Wear them on your waist but not too high, it still needs to be fashionable and not slutty. 

Tip 2:
The shoes make your outfit. Try some high heels to pimp up your outfit. If you are a tall person, don't be ashamed to wear high heels, if you like it, just do it! 

Tip 3:
Some accessoires definitly give a nice touch to your entire outfit. Like some striking earrings, a nice belt, handbags,...

Tip 4:
Knee stockings are so high-fashion! Wear them in your high heels and with your waist skirt, I really like that classy style and it will always stay in fashion. Don't wear knee stockings you can find everywhere, do an little effort to search original pieces, so you can distinguish yourself from the others! 

XOXO I have issues too ♥

dinsdag 13 december 2011

I'm a newbie :)

My own blog finally! I am not sure how well I should start, but I want you guys ever let see how I am in life:) The title of my blog is ' Everyone has issues ', which title is deliberately chosen because everyone has issues. Sometimes love-issues, fashion-issues but it can also be problems at school. I have each day a fashion-issue, when I am for my wardrobe and I think: ' what should I wear today? ' or ' I have nothing to wear. ' Do you recognize this situation? Well, life is just out issues, accept it. On my blog I will especially many posts about the fashion-issues, because everyone loves fashion right? :) 

XOXO I have issues too ♥